Business Consultancy

Our consultancy service is designed to meet the demands of both firms and individuals, providing unique business/economic/financial solutions initially from a single source. In addition, we cover the open market and the private field.

Our team of experienced accountants is also able to assume operational financial and personnel (wage) accounting.

And this is not all, our spectrum is far wider, including:

  • Business economic analyses
  • Operational system accountancy:
    • Professional bookkeeping
    • Wage and salary accountancy
  • Research into credit standing and rapid diagnosis
  • Controlling
  • Ongoing assistance in starting up (all phases)
  • Setting up new enterprises: advice, concepts and planning
  • Matchmaking (new partners / associates)
  • Mediating commercial contacts (opening up new fields)
  • Solutions in market analysis & sales/outlets
  • Finding and mediating new investments (research, analysis, preparation – right time and place)
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