Welcome to HERZ Advisers & Partners

Who we are and where you can find us:

Herz Advisers & Partners, a firm of consultants located right in the capital - Berlin. Our team includes financial advisers, auditors and accountants working in close cooperation with tax consultants, lawyers and notaries (legal and administrative).

You want to invest in our country or you have already started up a business here. Questions? Problems? Just contact us directly for business and finacial advice, or for investment opportunities in Germany. We have the background and the contacts – this is how we help.

We listen, we pinpoint your problem, we find the expert you need.

We work as a team, closely interlinked across all service lines. Interacting with our clients, gather and sift information for the best decisions. These we implement in close collaboration to realize our client’s goals. We can turn your strategy into reality.

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